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Poor people are bankable: we just need the right approach.

Posted by Stella Ajabji 
It is the only approach to ensure ownership and accountability in development. Development will have not have any future if this issues are not address. Until development agents have this in mind, Africa will keep depending on aid

There is need for actors like this across the world, delivering services to people at the bottom of the pyramid.

"Yes, they are poor, but they still have something to offer"
How do we know if products like the water pumps or batteries are valued by the market or if it is the market that values who the products are sold by? More simply put-- Could the African villagers be buying the products because they are made by rich white people, buying to promote an image more than a solution to a need? We need to research more about how the products actually improve the way of life for those in the villages as a way to measure the effectiveness, not just the quantity sold.
November 13, 2009 09:38PM
I think it makes perfect sense to sell products at a low cost to impoverished places. This way the supplier has a reason to stick around and keep up on their clients rather then a one-stop-deal that an NGO would do. Don't get me wrong, an NGO going in to help is great, but they just don't have the time for maintenance.
Secondly, being the recipient of charity is severely humbling, and almost humiliating; so the idea of paying for a product at affordable rates brings a reassuring sense of humanity and dignity back to the impoverished villages and societies.

All in all, what is being done now is not completely working, trying something new in something the non-profit sector (or should i say the for-profit sector) is innovation that the world needs.
Dear Members,
I wish to contribute to this very innovative idea.I am a Kenyan Doctorate student puruing peace and conflict studies at Masinde Muliro university of science and Technology,a public national university in Kenya.Through my readings,I have realized that the African person more than any other race has been increasingly identified with dehumanizing poverty and misery.And that as a race,we have been engaged in twilight struggles not for basic freedoms per se,but as efforts to pull the African person out of this debilitating and dehumanizing misery.
I have grown up seeing a number of non-governmental Organization in existence .Some for good and humane intentions but most of them as briefcase "Donor Blue Boys"organizations.They employ relatives,friends and relatives of friends.The purposes of their NGOs end with themselves.There is no ownership and when funds dry up in mother funders,they wind up.
while poverty levels remain our critical challenge,where now we have very educated poor people.Most of them are teated with contempt by the unqualified but lucky bosses who wouldnt bring competition closer.
It is this cartegory of the poorbut with ideas that the global concern should focus on.The For profit Approaches to Aid require to target this people who are teachable,trainable and manageable.
Otherwise of what use would be a blanket donation to a university or Higher diploma graduate wasting away in the village due to unempolyment?
This is the best approach im Many years.It actually opportunes and empowers the poor.
Peter W.Mulesi
Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology,Kenya

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