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Innovation is the key..

Posted by joeprovence 
Innovation is the key..
September 11, 2009 05:58PM
I believe more than anything that we as a community have to seek change regardless of the results of the past. Adaptation seems very hard for organizations at times and changing does not happen easily. I do believe that entrepreneurship is the key factor because men are providers and need to be providers to their family's. When men are not providers they can become very disheartened and hopeless in their situation.

A core quality that define a SE is passion, its hard to visualize a successful SE who does not have a passion for what he/she does. I love episode 10 and would love to see more in the near future!

Joe Provence

Husband, Father, regular nice guy, Co-Founder of Kutumaini a social business that engages youth to fight poverty in Africa.

Re: Innovation is the key..
November 25, 2009 03:55PM
Social Entrepreneurship can be one of the solutions to solve social problems around the world. Yes, it involves highly the ability to innovate and to implement the solution; this is where entrepreneurship comes in. However, it's also important to understand the social aspect of this field. One interesting question that needs to be asked is how can we define something social innovative and others are not? What is social good? Is it something relating to a country’s cultural heritage? Can we imagine that there may be a solution solving social problems in one country but it can be “judged” as a bad thing in another country? It is due to the fact that whenever we talk about ‘social’ objectives, different views of the geographical, cultural, political, economic boundaries of a “society” can widely produce different conclusions about the social good and the interventions needed to achieve it. Therefore it is always much more complex than just applying strategies from the business sector (entrepreneurship) and using profit as a means to a social end.

So my point is that within the field of SE or in the field of international aid in general, learning is the key because you cannot find a one-size-fits-all solution. The social problem that you try to solve is complicated because it affects different levels of a society. It's therefore important that every development project (non-profit or for-profit) needs to create learning loops that allow them to reflect, learn, share, and improve the solution or the methods in the short and the long run. This will help to build up and ensure the sustainability of the project.

Otherwise I really like this project and your mission with it- so please keep up with the good work :-)

Kindest regards,

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