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What about the positive impact a volunteer has when he/she returns?

I really enjoyed this episode although I think that an important oversight by the video on volunteering abroad was the impact a volunteer has on their community of origin when they return once they have completed their volunteer experience abroad. Part of my job is actually coordinating volunteer placements in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and while on one hand I completely agree that often volunteers take more than they give, they also do actually help in a completely different and les obvious way that is often forgotten:

By taking the time to immerse themselves even briefly in a foreign culture and learn about the various needs of the local population, they become a sort of social ambassador for that country once they return home. They talk about their positive experience, about the wonderful people and beautiful landscape and by promoting the destination that they were touched by through volunteering, they in turn spread the word to other potential tourists and volunteers who contribute to that country´s economy and growth and in some way, even encourage cultural exchange and more knowledgeable diplomacy, enabling us to better understand our neighbors on a different contient or in the next country over across the border. So isn´t that what it is really about? Volunteering so that we can all begin to understand each other even an ounce more? It is for me at least and I truly hope others feel the same way...

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